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 ReMote Team building 
- stronger than wifi -

 Work from anywhere, 
feel connected with everyone   in your team 

If the purpose of life is to be happy, why don’t we start creating more happiness at the place we spend 2/3 of our waking hours?

At Work!

Most of us are told to work HARD.

Few of us are encouraged to work HAPPY. 

But isn't it happy people who make happy profits? 

Imagine a workplace that serves as a springboard, not a burden, for your employees to discover and unfold their fullest potential. 


  • A workplace that encourages your employees to live their personal Bucket List goals instead of just their daily to-do lists. 

  • A workplace that encourages them to mindfully disconnect from technology and meaningfully reconnect with themselves & their team for connections stronger than wifi. 

  • A workplace that encourages holistic happiness so that your employees find their highest selves in an uplifting corporate culture. 

Screen Shot 2022-09-05 at 21.25.54.png

In short: A workplace that sees their employees as

human beings, not just human doings.

Wouldn’t your team be more motivated, high on energy, and excited to go to work? And in turn, produce a better turnover for your company?

Hi, I'm Nini  :)

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My job is to make people happy.

Or at least give them the tools to make themselves happy. 

Simply put: I believe work doesn't have to suck.

Surely, our to-do lists might do at times but our corporate culture should at no point. 

Therefore my mission is to “humanize” the digital work environment by bringing more meaningful connections and more personal fulfillment from the inside out to the (virtual) offices.

As a lover of freedom to work from wherever I open my laptop and genuine human connections, I wanted to find a way that one doesn’t have to exclude the other. I thought individual happiness shouldn’t have to come at the sacrifice of belonging to something bigger - not for me nor for anyone else working remotely. 


That’s why I decided to make my passion my purpose by hosting (virtual) team building workshops for remote teams around the world and helping them to create positive-minded employees who then create a positive corporate culture across borders. 


Living the coconut slurping remote life from the beaches of Bali (... or wherever I open my laptop), I have helped global teams at HubSpot, Dell and Facebook (Meta) to connect stronger than wifi and live holistically happier lives.


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Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 10.56.34.png
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My goal is to help employees to thrive - not just survive.

When companies serve as a springboard, not a burden, for employees to express themselves, they allow them to unfold their fullest potential - personally and professionally.

The mission of “The Work Happiness Project” is therefore to redefine the definition of a holistically happy and balanced life and set up the groundwork to create more genuine happiness from the inside out.  


Based on the three core pillars of holistic happiness, I help employees to charge their own batteries first, to then be able to give more to others and eventually create a positive ripple effect into every area of their lives and everyone they encounter.


The three pillars to achieve
holistic happiness




Self-care should be treated like a meeting with your boss. 

You need a damn good reason to cancel it, otherwise you might end up in serious trouble!

Human connection is more than what happens between wifi signals. In this crazy world of hashtags, algorithms and followers, don’t forget the importance of real human connections.

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.

Dalai Lama

Nini is such a heartfelt and engaging facilitator. The team has never been so inspired to take action in a session before like they did today. Nini was able to have the team connect with the content and drive personal meaning in goal setting. Thank you Nini! An event that will be talked about for years to come :)

Jess Bridge, EngineRoom

why happy teams = happy profits

I believe happiness is more than ticking off the “house, wedding, promotion” society shopping list for a successful life. Just like we seven billion people in this world are unique in our differences, so is our individual path to happiness. Sure, we need to work to live.

But we also need to live a little to bring our best selves to work.


I believe that any human being can unfold their fullest potential & bring their best selves to work when they are in an environment that matches their values and helps them shine their brightest light.


Positive side effect: Organizations thrive when their people thrive!

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clients' love

The team loved the event so much! It was a great time getting to hear about the lives the team leads outside of work and I found it to be a great workshop experience at the end of the year and would love to be able to do this in the future for my other teams.

Chandler McCollough, META

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