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Human connection is more than what happens between wifi signals. 

In this crazy world of hashtags, algorithms and followers, don’t forget the importance of real human connections.

disconnect to reconnect
- a digital detox workshop

min. 90 minutes


As the office is wherever you open your laptop, the lines between workspace and living space can get very blurry. Being constantly connected can easily become overwhelming. We feel the need to be constantly available and have so many tabs open on our screen, and in our minds that we neglect to be present with the people around us. Our mind is full, but not mindful.

This often leads to getting rather less than more done, feeling distracted, overwhelmed and digitally fatigued. Yet let’s face it, some of our best business ideas don’t happen in a meeting. They happen when our mind is free to wander and create.

The solution: Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for some time - including you and your team.

        In the first “Disconnect”-half of our Digital Detox workshop, you will get an interactive keynote presentation about the effects of our omnipresent technology, the downsides of digital distraction in your work life, interactive exercises to analyze your team’s tech behavior - and how you can ‘own it’ rather than being owned by it.

      In the second Reconnect-half, we use a gamified team building method based on my infamously famous card game “eyeConnect - make connections stronger than wifi”.

Created for everyone who prefers smiles over likes and true emotions over emoticons, we create water cooler moments when there is no water cooler with questions like “What fictional character would you like to be friends with?” and “What podcasts do you listen to?”.

After just one hour with Nini, participants reported a 50% increase in team connection, and a 92% engagement rate 🙌

Chase Warrington,
Head Of Remote at Doist

how to make connections stronger than wi-fi
- in life & at work


Thousands of LinkedIn connections yet not one to share a coffee break with? In an age in which likes have replaced smiles, genuine human connections are a precious treasure to preserve. Learn about the core pillars of authentically connecting, the key to form strong ties that last and the beauty (and hacks) of having the instant “click” with a stranger. Suitable for everyone who wants to create stories that last longer than 24 hours.

the "no small talk" coffee break

(starts from 15min online/offline, also suitable as a networking/ice-breaker session)

Make connections stronger than coffee!

Get your team together for a coffee break that doesn’t only fuel their need for caffeine but also their need for genuine human connections. With the help of my conversation sparking game “eyeConnect - stronger than wifi” we talk about everything - but work. Over 200 corporate-friendly questions like “What is your favorite ice cream flavor?” and “Who would you swap lives with for a day?”, help your team skip the boring office small talk and spark entertaining yet meaningful conversations. The higher the wifi bar on the card, the deeper is the level of the question and thus, the stronger is the connection. All meant to make your team get to know each other outside of work and form stronger team bonds.

Card examples.png

Best of all: No one can lose in that game but everyone will win
- a work friend, a story and a true human connection.

how to build & nurture a skyrocketing remote culture

(starts from 60min, can be intensified across multiple sessions)

Holiday Destination

Working remotely is not all about slurping coconut in a hammock at a white sand beach. In fact, it can feel very lonely and disconnected. Yet, the freedom to work from anywhere doesn’t have to come at the sacrifice of connectedness. In this session we go through the challenges and benefits of remote team work and you will learn the tricks that set a great remote culture apart from a skyrocketing one.


Based on the triple C technique (Care, Connect, Community), I will teach you how to build a positive corporate culture across borders, create watercooler moments where there is no watercooler, and make team connections stronger than wifi. At the end of the workshop, we take instant action on collaboratively making your team culture 1% happier on the spot. Because teamwork makes - everyone’s - dream work!

Connectopia: Unlock the power of
real connection in action

(starts from 75min online/offline)

Get ready to enhance trust, empathy, and authentic bonds!


In this session, we'll explore the three fundamental pillars of genuine connection by leaving the human 'doings' aside and focus on your human 'beings'.


First, dive into the world of eyeConnect Speed-Storytelling, where you'll partner up for rapid-fire storytelling sessions, sharing personal stories that have shaped your lives.


Next, in our "Care Bear Appreciation Wall," discover your unique superpower and celebrate what makes each team member uniquely awesome, creating an environment of positivity and gratitude.

We'll then focus on embracing vulnerability in the "Anyone else...?" Trust Circle. Share personal experiences, insecurities, or challenges you've faced, while encouraging others to join in and creating a safe, non-judgmental space for active listening and support.


It's all about unleashing the power of real connection within your team. 

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