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Christmas Party

 Reward your team with a round of Sant-Applause 

 & a (virtual) Christmas party! 


The Christmas Party with meaning & fun that guarantees:

No walk of shame into the (virtual) office the day after ;)

it's the time of the year to...

 Set your goals for the upcoming year 

 & spend quality time with your loved ones 

 (yes, that also includes your team at work… at least I hope so).

So-hooo, ho ho…        THIS IF FOR YOU IF YOU WANT TO:

  • Know what makes your team members thrive outside of work

  • Build stronger connections & deeper relationships

  • Let your team unplug from technology and supercharge from the inside out 

  • Reward your employees with ticking off their Bucket Lists (instead of their to-do lists)

  • Make your team holistically motivated and ready to rock 2023!

…mulled wine & costumes are vELFy welcome, gingerbread men can join the party for free!

The Work Happiness Project offers fun, yet, meaningful team building workshops to supercharge your team
from the inside out for a personally & professionally promising 2023:

the bucket list workshop

 For New Year's resolutions that last longer than January 

Help your team to take some time out of their busy lives to work on their best lives!

In this workshop, every team member creates - and takes a first step of action on - their personally meaningful Bucket List for life based on the holistic 12-step M.Y.B.U.C.K.E.T.L.I.S.T. blueprint.

Untitled design (3).png

the digital detox workshop

 Unplug to supercharge! 

Under the motto “Disconnect to Reconnect” your team will learn how to consciously disconnect from technology in an overly digitalized world and get actionable tips on how to meaningfully connect with others with the help of our icebreaker game eyeConnect.

Untitled design (3).png

virtual christmas market chat

 Small talk is awkward, our eyeConnect game helps 

Get your team together under the virtual Christmas tree and talk about everything - but work. Spin the conversation-sparking question wheel and get a selection of 200 corporate friendly no-small talk questions like “What
is your family’s weirdest Christmas tradition?” to help your team connect stronger than wifi.

eworks (1).gif
Untitled design.gif


Reward your team with the most beautiful gift under the tree: Real conversations.

eyeConnect - stronger than wifi

(shameless self-promotion: created by Nini herself)

The first Digital Detox icebreaker game

with 180 conversation-sparking questions

that gets people off their phones and talk to each other.

kind words

Nini is such a heartfelt and engaging facilitator. The team has never been so inspired to take action in a session before like they did today. Nini was able to have the team connect with the content and drive personal meaning in goal setting. Thank you Nini! An event that will be talked about for years to come :)

Jess Bridge, EngineRoom

Do you believe that the strongest connections are made offline?

Based on availability and travel compensation,

the Bucket Lister inside of me is always ready to grab

my Christmas sweater       and board the next plane

to connect your team in-person all around the world.

eworks (2).png

Not sure what will be the best fit for your team?

Let’s share a virtual mulled wine and talk about it.

eworks (2).png

Remember: Under the bottom line, happy employees who make happy profits!

Live fuller. Connect deeper. Be happier.

 Merry Christmas! 

 Let the bells ring, the Bucket List tick 

 & the conversations spark! 

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