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My Values
- in work & in life :)



Did you know that the #1 regret of dying people is “I wish I had lived a life true to myself and not one others expected of me”? Well, now you do. I believe eight waking hours a day is too much time wasted acting like somebody you are not. To make sure your work team won’t end up looking back with the same regret, I aim to work with companies who encourage their employees to be their authentically unique selves at work just as much as I encourage you to: Be you-tiful. Be so completely yourself that everyone around you feels safe to be themselves too. After all, it is still better being disliked for who you are than being liked for someone you are not (...unless you work in customer service, then please fake it till you make it). When we let go of the mask of who we think we are supposed to be and finally feel free to be who we really are, we have infinite energy to unfold our fullest potential in this life and at work. Remember, we only have one life anyway.



Want more statistics? In fact, a 75-year long happiness study at Harvard has shown that the only thing we need in life in order to be happy is: Real human connections. And hereby it is not the quantity of superficial LinkedIn connections that counts, it is the quality & depth of these relationships that matter. With your coworkers or in your private circles, online or offline, it is the deep meaningful connections stronger than wifi that form the glue that bonds us stronger together, exchange positive energy with another and build trust. It makes you feel seen, valued, and understood and gives you a sense of belonging to something bigger than yourself. We all know that it is always harder to leave a great team than a great job.



Energy is contagious. People love to be surrounded by people who are passionate, driven and energetic about their lives - and their work. So whatever you do, make sure it turns on your inner light switch and it will provide an infinite source of energy. Enthusiasm can mean the difference in not just getting a job, but succeeding in a job - it’s about motivating yourself and motivating others. It is about getting more energy from what you are doing than letting it consume your energy. That is why my goal is to trigger more of these inner smile moments and find out what makes you jump out of bed in the morning to get excited for the work day ahead of you, just to fall asleep with more energy than you started it with. And under the bottom line, your newly gained excitement for life will also serve your company.

If our values match and you resonate with me as a person, let's join forces &

co-create some happiness together!

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